Planning our Teaching

Planning our Teaching

This pinned post will be updated with links to other posts as I make them.  Walk through your semester/quarter/term with these ideas for teaching:

  1. Thinking: What Do Our Syllabi Really Say?
  2. Thinking: Academia is Ableist
  3. Thinking: Dis/ability
  4. Thinking: Hunger is an Educational Issue
  5. FAQ: Content Warnings
  6. Thinking: Strong Emotional Reactions
  7. Thinking: Where Do We Stand
  8. First day exercise: What Do Historians Do?
  9. First day exercise and more sources: Revisiting the First Day
  10. First day exercise: The Social Identity Wheel
  11. Teaching: SOCC it! (Source, Observe, Contextualize, Corroborate)
  12. Teaching: SOCC at the AHA
  13. Teaching: Planning linked primary source assignments
  14. Teaching: Bias and Perspective
  15. Teaching: The Art of the Draw
  16. Thinking: Curiosity
  17. Thinking: The Index Card
  18. Teaching: Having Students Teach
  19. Teaching: Reverse Engineering Footnotes and Bibliographies
  20. Teaching: Human Asset Maps
  21. Making the Grade: Thinking About Ungrading
  22. Teaching: The Unessay
  23. Teaching: Timelining Mythologies
  24. Teaching: Fun With Scissors Day
  25. Final Thoughts: A Different View of the U.S. Civil War
  26. The Last Day: Reflecting on What We’ve Learned
  27. Thinking: Dear Seniors

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